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Brian Houston Leadership Podcast

Jul 29, 2016

*BONUS* The Leadership Vault | Brian speaks from Hillsong Conference leadership stream on momentum, building crowds, and leadership resilience Brian Houston Leadership Podcast SHOW NOTES 7:10 A fickle crowd 11:25 "There's nothing fulfilling ultimately if were just about attracting the crowd." 12:20 A crowds...

Jul 27, 2016

Private Staff Message | Blame It On The Referee Part 1 3:30 You will never ever excel while you are looking for reasons and excuses and blaming in any walk of life. 4:45 Leadership is all about accountability 4:50 "Leadership is always the answer and Leadership is always the problem." 5:50 "Let's not be looking for...

Jul 20, 2016

The anxiety may be warranted, but it does not mean it has to determine your delight, it does not have to determine your meditation, and in actual fact it does not even have to be a part of your life. - BrianCHouston

Jul 13, 2016

Focus on those who do want to be there. Recognize and promote those who are called to do something bigger in the church, and call onto their talents. - @BrianCHouston

Jul 6, 2016

Sometimes to move upward, you have to stay healthy inward. - @BrianCHouston