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Brian Houston Leadership Podcast

Sep 7, 2016

Leadership Vault | Brian Houston interviews Mark Driscoll about mistakes he made as a young leader Part 1 Show Notes 01:30 Mark & Grace Driscoll shares about their upbringing and struggles in life. 04:10 “I’ve made a lot of mistakes, one of them was being too fast. There’s the Lord’s calling and the Lord’s timing.” - Mark Driscoll “My character was not caught up with my gifting.” - Mark Driscoll 04:50 What is your heart for the church? 09:00 What is a reformed theology like? 10:30 “You need to put down the binoculars and pickup the mirrors” - Mark Driscoll 11:00 did you ever respond with grace? 12:16 “Be a person of peace and not a point of division.” - Mark Driscoll 15:50 What would you change? 21:00 "The lack of empathy causes me to think I knew what they are going through" - Mark Driscoll 23:20 "I don't know who your enemy is, but they are not on this room." - Brian Houston Discover more exclusive content Twitter: @BrianCHouston FB: Snapchat: @BrianCHouston Instagram: @BrianCHouston Hillsong Leadership College Born For Greatness — Apply Today *Use the code 'PODCAST' and receive 20% off on our featured Live Love Lead Personal Study Guide at