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Brian Houston Leadership Podcast

Oct 26, 2016

Leadership Vault | 30 Rules for the Hillsong Global Preaching & Teaching Team Part 2 Show Notes 01:08 Easily Transitioned into an Altar-Call. “We cannot let our self-confidence be ruled by what response we see” - Brian Houston 03:24 Every message should be noteworthy. 04:24 Every message sees humor as a bonus, not the goal. 06:20 Preached from notes you’d be proud to show me. You should have some content in your notes: Key statements, scriptures, examples. Content – not neatness – is the goal. Your notes should reflect the hard work you’ve put in. 07:55 Every message should exalt Jesus and brings glory to God. “People don’t need motivational speeches, they need the Word of God and AN EMPHASIS ON Jesus Christ.” - Brian Houston 09:04 Every message should reflect your level of authority. “Speak within your sphere of authority, not outside of your credibility.” - Brian Houston 11:52 Every message should project confident humility. “Minimize “I”, “me” and “my”. Be confident, not weak or false.” - Brian Houston 13:20 Every message should combine faith with transparency. 15:27 Every message should tell people not just WHAT but HOW. “It’s more challenging to tell people how to outwork the principles we teach. It’s easy to tell people what they should do but more challenging to tell them how.” - Brian Houston 18:30 Every message should understand that delivery is as important as content. 24:52 Every message is helping people overcome and believe what God says about them. “There’s a lot of opposition in the world and you have an opportunity to lift people up and speak life to them – maximize it” - Brian Houston --- Discover more exclusive content Twitter: @BrianCHouston FB: Snapchat: @BrianCHouston Instagram: @BrianCHouston Hillsong Leadership College Born For Greatness — Apply Today *Use the code 'PODCAST' and receive 20% off on our featured Live Love Lead Personal Study Guide at