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Brian Houston Leadership Podcast

Oct 19, 2016

Leadership Vault | 30 Rules for the Hillsong Global Preaching & Teaching Team Part 1 Show Notes 02:30 At Hillsong Church every message is positive - Never reactionary or pointed to individuals. 04:10 Every message is 35 Minutes or Less, Our meetings do not finish late - Hillsong starts on time and ends on time. 06:04 Every new point is proven in the Word. “If you can't prove it in scripture, do not say it.” - Brian Houston 08:16 Every message should be checked for overuse of the word “I” 09:21 Every message is focused on helping people not impressing people. 10:47 Should reinforce and never contradict the cultural values of Hillsong Church. 11:33 Every message should come from the New Testament perspective of a crucified and resurrected Christ. “Use the old testament with the new testament lens” - Brian Houston 12:53 Every message should reflect the life you are living, not just the sermon you are preaching. 14:20 Every message should reflect the speaker being themselves, not a poor limitation of someone else. 15:18 Every message should affect every people’s Monday, not just this Sunday. 19:42 Every message should let people leave feeling better about themselves than when they came. --- Discover more exclusive content Twitter: @BrianCHouston FB: Snapchat: @BrianCHouston Instagram: @BrianCHouston Hillsong Leadership College Born For Greatness — Apply Today *Use the code 'PODCAST' and receive 20% off on our featured Live Love Lead Personal Study Guide at