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Brian Houston Leadership Podcast

Feb 14, 2017

Let's Talk With Brian Houston | Brian Houston interviews Greg Laurie Show Notes 4:00 Pastor Greg Laurie shares about his upbringing. 11:45 "Am I A Pastor or an Evangelist?" - Greg Laurie 13:00 How did you balance being a Pastor or an Evangelist? 14:00 How much of an inspiration is Billy Graham to you? 15:58 How do you get so many christians and churches together? 18:12 Pastor Greg Laurie shares about the pains and challenges he faced. 20:00 How did you dealt with grief? 24:20 Was your faith shaken? 24:30 "The faith that cannot be tested is a faith that cannot be trusted" - Greg Laurie -- Discover more exclusive content Twitter: @BrianCHouston FB: Snapchat: @BrianCHouston Instagram: @BrianCHouston Hillsong Leadership College Born For Greatness — Apply Today *Use the code 'PODCAST' and receive 20% off on our featured Live Love Lead Personal Study Guide at