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Brian Houston Leadership Podcast

Jul 27, 2016

Private Staff Message | Blame It On The Referee Part 1 3:30 You will never ever excel while you are looking for reasons and excuses and blaming in any walk of life. 4:45 Leadership is all about accountability 4:50 "Leadership is always the answer and Leadership is always the problem." 5:50 "Let's not be looking for reasons, let's not be looking for something to blame or excuse. Let's start just by making a difference!" 6:05 Importance of not going to the EASY DEFAULT of blaming. 6:15 Why blaming is contagious 9:40 Psalm 15:3 (MSG) - do not hurt your friend and do not blame your neighbor. 11:36 What is SELF JUSTIFICATION? 17:00 Blame is not only excusing, but also accusing. 18:55 Job 5:6 (MSG) - Don't blame fate when things go wrong - trouble doesn't come from nowhere. Discover more exclusive content Twitter: @BrianCHouston FB: @PastorBrianCHouston Snapchat: BrianCHouston Instagram: @BrianCHouston Hillsong Conference Sydney / July 5 - 8 London / July 27 - 29 NYC / August 3 - 5 Hillsong Leadership College Born For Greatness — Apply Today *Use the code 'PODCAST' and receive 20% off on our featured Live Love Lead Personal Study Guide at